Together we can create a Wales fit for future generations.

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This is our manifesto for how we can work together to create a Wales fit for future generations. Although we live in uncertain times, facing a global pandemic alongside a climate and nature crisis, we have seen the possibilities and the change needed to achieve it. 

We must move towards being a country that values nature as the foundation for a healthy society and promotes a sustainable economy. A nation that takes responsibility for how our actions at home have a global impact and vice versa.  

Our challenge to the next Welsh Government is to respond to the opportunities that lay ahead by pledging to do the following:  

  • Deliver a green and just economy by putting nature at the heart of every decision and creating a national jobs programme which is fit for the future.  
  • Reform the food system so it delivers for nature and people by embedding nature and climate friendly farming practices and protecting nature abroad by making us the first deforestation free nation. 
  • Put nature on the path to recovery by protecting our rivers, seas and land for current and future generations by dedicating 1% of all departmental budgets to restoring nature and combating climate change. 

Only by working together will we achieve lasting change and global impact Take Action and SHARE OUR MANIFESTO VIDEO now to show your support 

Our future and that of generations to come is in our hands. We can make a difference, begin the green recovery and make Wales a better place for people and nature.  

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