A green and just economy

The next Welsh Government must deliver a Green and Just economy by putting nature at the heart of every decision and creating a national jobs programme which is fit for the future.

Policy 1

Deliver a green and just national jobs programme which is fit for the future

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The economy and jobs market in every part of Wales has suffered due to the pandemic. Investing in a green and just jobs programme means the next Welsh Government can address this while also tackling climate and nature emergencies and enabling the Welsh economy to be less at risk from shocks and more resilient for future generations. 

This programme can create jobs in sectors which support decarbonisation (such installing energy efficiency measures in Welsh homes), but its critical we see investment in jobs for nature conservation and restoration from woodland management to sustainable tourism. 

The food system also provides an opportunity for creating jobs right across the supply chain that restore, rather than damage, the environment.  

The next Welsh Government must also prioritise retraining for workers in high carbon industries across Wales to ensure a just transition to a growing green economy that leaves no-one behind.

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Policy 2

Integrate the environment into the local economy

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A healthy environment is the foundation of everything. It provides thousands of direct and indirect Welsh jobs, and without it many parts of the economy and services essential for people’s wellbeing would break down. This is the ‘foundational economy’ and includes basic products and services like food, energy, construction and tourism – which underpin our lives and the wider Welsh economy.   

The next Welsh Government must put the environment at the heart of its planning and conditions of funding for the foundational economy.

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Policy 3

Make nature central to the Economic Contract

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The Welsh Government’s Economic Contract is an agreement between government and the businesses its supports.  

The next Welsh Government must reform this contract to require businesses to maintain and enhance Welsh nature at home and reduce their environmental footprint internationally by developing more sustainable and resilient supply chains. Signing up to it must be a condition for any business wishing to qualify for public funds or be awarded public contracts.

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Policy 4

Prioritise future generations by setting a Resilient Wales Well-being Objective which puts nature at the heart every decision

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The next Welsh Government must put building nature’s resilience at the heart of all its policies and decision-making processes in order to deliver on the Well-being of Future Generations Act.  

To achieve this Welsh Government must set a Well-being Objective for the restoration of nature to ensure all actions across government are collectively contributing to protecting and restoring Welsh nature. 

A series of statutory targets and milestones for nature’s recovery should be introduced - including for areas like air, water and soil quality; and the condition and extent of biodiversity. It should also support collaboration with other governments to set a bold new ocean recovery programme for UK seas. 

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